Endodontic Surgery

General practitioners in the USA and Canada provide 72% of endodontic treatments. But their training does not prepare them for the clinical intricacies of performing simple endodontic surgery.

In some situations, the appropriate management of technically substandard endodontically treated teeth requires surgical procedures to complete intra-canal treatment and fulfill the optimal clinical and biologic objectives or simply drain a swelling or curette an apical or periradicular lesion. There are so many endodontic pathologic problems where a simple elevation of a flap will reveal valuable diagnostic and prognostic information. The course is planned to teach the skills necessary to perform basic flap incision and elevation appropriate for endodontic problems, perform dentoalveolar curettage and simple apicoectomy of overfill and retreated endodontic cases which needs endodontic surgery. The availability of magnification with appropriate surgical loupes, anatomically designed microsurgical instruments will facilitate the surgery and achieved the objectives.

The 3 teeth flap design and routine placement of vertical incision. Two examples of the inappropriate flap designs and guidelines inherited from oral surgery but not suitable for modern endodontic surgery

Learning Objectives

Review The Current Scope Of Modern Surgical Endodontics
Describe Endodontic Treatment Finalization Protocol In Association With Endodontic Surgery
Review Traditional Oral Surgery Flap Designs And Their Disadvantages When Used In Endodontic Surgery
Review Key Anatomical Structures And How To Protect These Structures During Surgery
Describe Pre-Surgery Patient Preparation, Quadrant Preparation, And Tooth Preparation
Explore Intra-Sulcular Horizontal And Vertical Mucoperiosteal Flap Incisions, Flaps Elevations And Retraction
List The Criteria For Osseous Surgical Window And How To Prepare It From The Pathologic Osseous Window
Recognize The Disadvantages Of The Traditional Apicoectomy And Retro-Filling Surgery
List The Criteria Of Apical Curettage And Root-End Beveling
Describe Emergency Surgery, Including Incision And Drainage And Cortical Plate Trephination
Describe Interim Endodontic Therapy: A Technique For Native Alveolar Bone Regeneration In Preparation For Immediate Implant Placement
Learn How To Debride Pockets And Contour Alveolar Bone
Describe Surgical Closure Including Flap Repositioning, Flap Coaptation And Suturing
Discuss Intra- And Post-Surgical Complications
Describe Post-Surgical Care
Suggested Audience
General Practitioners and Specialists
Suggested Format
1 or 2 Day, Partial Day, Keynote; Lecture, Demonstration and/or Hands-On Training
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