Study Clubs

Clinical Endodontics

A study club design for Endodontists, Periodontists, and Oral Surgeons who are interested in different and nonconventional perspectives, philosophies and approaches to Surgical Endodontics. The study club curriculum reflects Prof. Abou-Rass, 55 years’ experience, and believes in the teaching and practice of endodontics.

Surgical endodontics

The study club curriculum is planned to meet the needs of general dentistry practitioners. Especially who are interested in Learning different perspectives and simplified approaches to clinical endodontics. All of which are evidence based, biologically oriented, and time tested.

Practice Management Course

Economics- Based Dental Practice Management

Dental Household Economics Model is an innovative dental practice management approach based on managerial economics. Learn how to use the model positive and negative indicators to evaluate your practice and prepare an assessment report with recommendations and action plan for improvement.