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Post and core restoration of endodontically treated teeth

This review discusses the multifactorial nature of tooth strength and concludes that endodontic treatment alone does not weaken intact anterior teeth. Therefore, restoration of such teeth does require post placement or fulI-coverage resto ration s. Posterior teeth, however, require full-coverage protection. It appears that the full-crown restoration “covers up” some of the disadvantages or deficiencies of some post and core restorations. The Iiterature supports the use of the amalgam coronal-radicular core or the post-retained amalgam core, as well as the composite post and core. The literature does not support use of the glass ionomer post and cores. As to which post system to select, the literature indicates that the parallel-sided, serrated Para-Post or Para-Post plus is a safe post when seated passively in the canal and cemented with zinc phosphate cements or composite resin cement , or when retained with amalgam. Dentin-retained, stress-producing posts such as the threaded posts should be avoided.







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