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Evaluation of dental extractions

Evaluation of dental extractions, suturing and INR on postoperative bleeding of patients maintained on oral anticoagulant therapy

S. Al-Mubarak,1 N. Al-Ali,2 M. Abou Rass,3 A. Al-Sohail,4 A. Robert,5 K. Al-Zoman,6 A. Al-Suwyed7 and S. Ciancio8

Objective : To examine the consequences of temporary withdrawal of warfarin and/or suturing on bleeding and healing pattern following dental extractions.
Methods : Two hundred and fourteen patients on long-term oral anticoagulation (warfarin) therapy scheduled for dental extraction were randomly divided into four groups: no suturing and discontinued (group 1) or continued warfarin (group 2), and suturing and discontinued (group 3) or continued warfarin (group 4). International normalised ratio (INR) was determined at different time points (baseline, days 1, 3 and 7).







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