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An Endodontic Solution

The problem of tooth discoloration is well known to dentistry. The problem has been tra­ ditionally solved by restorative means (full veneer restorations); more recently by veneering me thods . Dentists received little or no training in treatment of tooth discoloration. The public and many den­ tists believe that root canal therapy causes tooth discoloration. In the past, that has been a reason to avoid root canal therapy. Today we know  that if the pulp horns are  well debrided of their contents, if the root filling material is well condensed and if there is a proper coronal resto ratio n , then the tooth will not discolor. Poor endodontics is a main cause of pulpless tooth discoloration. Pulpal debris is left in the tooth when the access opening is too small or too close to the cingulum.







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