Dentistry’s Economic Houshold: A Model for modern dental practice

Out of approximately 4,900 educational hours, dental students devote 60 hours of education (on average) to the study of practice management. American Dental Association (2014)

With only 1.2% of educational hours devoted to practice management, most dentists will ultimately make multiple economical and practice errors. This MASTERS course shares best practices and steps for implementation into your practice.

Learn the “Household Economics Model”, which applies established economic principles in dental practice management. Special emphasis will be placed on medical and paramedical staff hiring, training, and assignment to different roles within the office. We’ll review the best practices in human resources management, improving practice quality, increasing profitability, reducing risks, avoiding conflict and building staff relationships. Additionally, learn how to organize your back office for efficient function and supply/instrument control thereby reducing loss and waste and increasing productivity.

Learn techniques for better serving patients, being charitable, and investing in new technologies. Learn how to attract patients and deliver unforgettable service while assuring profitability. Explore how to create, manage and monitor systems for repeated success and put practice management principles to the test with hands-on activities and case studies.

Learning Objectives

Describe The Household Economics Concept And Its Use As A Business Model For Dental Practice Success And Sustainability
Identify Key Performance Indicators Of Land, Physical, Human, And Service Resources And How They Can Be Used To Evaluate The Success Of Practice Systems.
Examine The Ideal Dentist/Dental Assistant Ratios.
Recognize Best Practices For Dental Assistant And Auxiliary Assignments And Utilization In Both The Back And Front Offices.
Discover How To Set Up Stock Control Systems Within Clinic And Rooms.
Realize How To Control Waste And Theft Of Materials And Instruments In Clinic.
Discuss How To Establish Dental Service And Procedures Costs; Calculate And Reduce Overhead.
Understand Best Practices In Internal And External Marketing.
Analyze Best Practices In Increasing Case Presentation Acceptance.
Learn Dos And Don’ts In Monitoring Staff And Duties For Cross Checks And Balances
Household Economics

“A land resources (real estate) that hold a variety of efficient physical resources, that are operated by a group of qualified individuals whose interests are interrelated and goals are aimed to produce services or products needed by society in general or the relevant professionals.“

Suggested Audience
Dentists and Practice Managers
Suggested Format
1 or 2 Day, Partial Day, Keynote; Lecture, Demonstration and/or Hands-On Training