Advanced Diagnostics for Dental Hygiene Practice

Improve Your General Dental Practice By Expanding The Diagnostic Skills Of Your Dental Hygienist.
The Dental Hygienist could be the General practitioner’s greatest asset, yet we’re not utilizing the full potential of the Dental Hygienist in the general dentistry practices. Dental hygienists trained in comprehensive digital dental diagnostics focusing on the triad: Endodontics, Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry should become the General practitioner’s right hand. First, to collect the patients’ systemic, oral, and dental diagnostic information. Secondly, to inform and educate patients of their oral healthcare problems, the need to save teeth, and prevent complications. Thirdly, to organize and present the diagnostic information to the dentist for assessment, patient’s case presentation, and follow-up. This evidence-based, comprehensive, in-depth course dives deep into the diagnostics of endodontics, periodontics, and restorative dentistry. The provision of appropriate dental hygiene process of care critically requires such information. Augmenting the dental hygienists Periodontic and preventive skills with endodontic and restorative diagnostic knowledge should enhance the role of the hygienist as the most valuable professional asset in modern dental practice.

DH is the first dental clinician to encounter he patient in the general Dentistry Practice

DH collect full mouth radiographic and clinical diagnostic data and information. Identify warning signs of Endo - Perio - Resto pathology or ramifications​

DH educate the patient about the initial diagnostic findings. Explain and increase the patient awareness and compliance for follow-up by GP​

DH presents diagnostic information to the GP. focusing on the patient's personal, social, systemic, symptoms, and warning signs.

Learning Objectives

Describe The Limitations Of Conventional Endodontic, Periodontic And Restorative Diagnostic Tests.
Use The 4R Operational Diagnosis Protocol For Dental Hygiene Practice.
List The 7 Reasons For Difficulty In Diagnosing Oral And Dental Pain.
Discuss The Diagnostics Of Tooth Resorption.
Learn The Guidelines For Diagnostic Imaging Interpretation Of Teeth With Endodontic Diseases And Treatments.
Analyze The Concept Of Warning Signs Of Restorative, Endodontic, And Periodontic Implications.
Suggested Audience
General Practitioners, Practicing Dental Hygienists, Dental Hygiene Educators
Suggested Format
Full Day, Keynote, 3 Hour Lecture