My Story

My name is Marwan AbouRass, and I began my endodontic journey in 1966. Three years after the American Dental Association recognized Endodontics as Specialty in 1963. I am grateful to the late Dr. Jacob B. Freedland, a pioneer and visionary in endodontics, who inspired and redirected my life from prosthodontics to Endodontics and introduced me to my mentor, Dr. Andrew Michanowicz, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dr. Michanowicz taught me the open-and-see endodontic philosophy and mentored me for six years.

In the 1970s, my colleagues and I at USC, including Leo Grudin, Dudley Glick, Al Frank, and James Simon, developed and crafted USC Endodontics. With our Advanced Endodontic Residents and Faculty, Dr. Sadegh Namazikha and Stefan Zweig, we tackled the challenges of the post-silverpoint Endodontics Era, trained the best Endodontists, improved undergraduate Endodontic Education, and trained better general practitioners. We developed clinical guidelines and protocols based on evidence, consensus, and best practices.

In 2000, as per the affiliation agreement between USC and the Medical Service Department of the Ministry of Defense Saudi Arabia, we started the first Advanced Education in General Dentistry outside the USA. This program trained hundreds of young and competent Saudi  Dentists in USC philosophies, approaches, and methods.

Currently, I am a USC Professor Emeritus. I have attached my name to the Academy because every course’s content and concepts represent my philosophies and approaches in endodontics, which I have embraced for over 50 years. By joining the Academy, you can review endodontic concepts, methods, and alternative approaches that enhance your knowledge and sharpen your clinical skills.