The AbouRass Endodontics Academy (AEA) is an exclusive online membership platform created to elevate the endodontic diagnostic and clinical proficiency of general practitioners, recent dental graduates, and dental students worldwide.

Members can access invaluable resources and educational content by subscribing through our official website,

We offer two tiers of membership:

Standard Membership ($125 Monthly or $1200 Annually)

  • Access to two weekly video presentations (Eight monthly)
  • Valuable content aimed at enhancing endodontic diagnostic and clinical skills

Gold Membership ($240 Monthly or $2300 Annually)

  • Access to four weekly video presentations (Sixteen monthly)
  • Direct line of communication with Prof. AbouRass for personalized guidance (WhatsApp or email)


Membership benefits extend beyond the video presentations narrated by Professor AbouRass. All members can participate in a monthly online two-hour question and answer session. This interactive meeting allows members to engage with Prof. AbouRass and seek clarifications on any topics of interest.


Standard Membership Monthly

$ 125 Monthly
  • 2 Video / week
  • Monthly Meeting

Gold Membership Monthly

$ 240 Monthly
  • 4 Video / week
  • Monthly meeting
  • Direct line of communication with Prof AbouRass

Standard Membership Annually

$ 1200 Yearly
  • 2 Video / week​
  • Monthly Meeting​

Gold Membership Annually

$ 2300 Yearly
  • 4 Video / week​
  • Monthly Meeting​
  • Direct line of communication with Prof AbouRass​