Endodontic Diagnostics: Pulpal, Periapical and Periradicular

Collective analysis of the 8 profiles presents powerful diagnostics. The 4ROD eliminate the need for traditional concept of “tentative diagnosis”.
As recently as 2012, the Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment (SBU) a systematic review of the methods of endodontic diagnosis and treatment in endodontics found them to be unscientific and non-evidence based.

The 4R operational diagnosis protocol developed by Professor Marwan Abou-Rass offers clinicians evidence-based guidelines for better diagnosis and treatment planning. With nearly fifty years of teaching experience and leading-edge innovations in the field of endodontic education, Dr. Abou-Rass brings unparalleled expertise to this foundational course in endodontic diagnostics.

Abou-Rass’ 4R operational diagnosis protocol (4ROD) provides clinicians with eight (8) clinical profiles in which the strength of one findings offsets the weakness of the other. To reach a correct diagnosis and treat appropriately, biologically oriented clinicians analyze the anatomic, physiologic, pathologic relationships between the dental pulp, dentin, periodontal and periapical tissues and structures.

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