Clinical Endodontics

The study club curriculum is planned to meet the needs of general dentistry practitioners. Especially who are interested in Learning different perspectives and simplified approaches to clinical endodontics. All of which are evidence based, biologically oriented, and time tested.


The 55 years' experience in intradisciplinary dental education have enabled Prof. Abou-Rass to formulate personal perspectives, philosophies, and approaches in the practice of nonsurgical and surgical endodontics. Approaches that are different and unconventional. Yet are based on 30 years of learning, teaching, and critiquing the endodontic specialty literature with more than 150 advanced endodontic residents at the University of Pittsburgh and University of Southern California

The Study Club Course Content

Clinical Diagnostics

The 4R operational diagnosis protocol is an Interdisciplinary Examination and Diagnosis protocol to evaluate the patient's general and oral health conditions and the teeth endodontic, periodontic and restorative status.

Biologic Diagnostics

Endodontic pathology

Procedural Endodontics

Endodontic Bleaching

Composite Build-up