Best Practices In Cracked Teeth Management

The Master Class Series contains 13.5 hours of advanced theoretical and clinical education designed to increase general dentistry practitioners diagnostic awareness, and clinical competence in the management of the different types of tooth structure cracks encountered in dental patient care.

The series’ content is multidisciplinary which integrates and highlights the relationship of cracked teeth problem to Endodontics, Prosthodontics, and Restorative Dentistry.

Best Practices

Part I:

Introducing the 4Rs Operational Diagnosis Protocol; A Comprehensive Systematic Approach for Endodontic Diagnosis

Part II:

How Tooth Structure Cracks Complicate and Affect Dental Treatments - Four (4) Teaching Cases

Part III:

Definitions, Classification, Etiology and Initiation Mechanism of Tooth Structure Cracks

Part IV:

7 Symptomatic Cracked Teeth with Pulpal, Periradicular & Periapical Involvements: Diagnosis and Treatment

Part V:

How and Why Substandard Endodontic Treatments Fail. The Importance of Investigating and Ruling Out Cracks Prior to New Treatment Planning.