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A proposed model for Graduate Endodontics objectives, a national survey.

A proposed model for competency in Graduate Endodontics, a national survey.

A survey of success and failure of endodontic therapy at the University of Southern California, School of Dentistry.

Effect of traumatic occlusion on periapical healing of dog teeth, 1974.

The relationship of the mandibular canal to the apices of mandibular teeth on human dry skull.

Clinical validation of the “Sono Explorer.”

The internal anatomy of the dental pulp chamber.

The establishment of arithmetical norms for the internal diameter of root canals of internal teeth.

The thickness of the cortical plate, buccal and lingual, in mandibular dry human mandibles.

The relationship and access outline to the root canal orifices and anatomical and arithmetical study in human molar teeth.

Pain incidence following the endodontic treatment of vital and non-vital teeth.

The use of CO2 carbon dioxide in pulp testing stimulation.

The relationship of maxillary sinus to the roots of maxillary teeth.

An investigation of Additional canals in root canal anatomy.

The effects of long-period dressing with sodium hypochlorite and E.D.T.A. and their combinations solutions.