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Co-investigator, 3 year research into the relationship between periodontal disease and Diabetes. Multi-center research conducted in Riyadh Military Hospital, National Guard Hospital and King Faisal Specialty Hospital in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Principle Investigator is Dr. Sultan Mubarak.

Principle Investigator, an FDA-approved research to study the effects of Atrisorb Biodegradable Barrier on the healing of large endodontic periapical lesions. A histologic and clinical evaluation of endodontic surgery on large periapical lesion (critical size defect) on 52 patients who were treated surgically at USC and were evaluated six months following surgery. Co-investigators: Dr. M. Sadegh Namazikhah, Dr. Steven Garett, Dr. Micahel Jorgenson, Dr. Hussein Mokhlis, and Dr. David P. Garett. (Conducted November 1998 and February 1999)

Co-investigator: A five-year, long-range, clinical and microbiologic study of 40 patients receiving the Sargon rd year now. Co-investigators: Drs. Winston Chee and Hessam Nowzari

Principle Investigator: A radiographic, , comparative study of the healing of periapical lesion by nonsurgical and surgical endodontic treatment. A long-term, animal (dog) study performed at USC and now at the final stages. Co-investigators: Dr. Khalid Al-Fouzan, Dr. Mansour Al-Rejaie, Dr. M. Sadegh Namazikhah and Dr. Mark Stevenson