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EAO 17th Annual Scientific Meeting, held in Warsaw, Poland, 18-20 September 2008.

EAO 16th Annual Scientific Meeting, held in Barcelona, Spain, 25-27 October 2007

IFEA 7th Endodontic World Congress, held in Vancouver, Canada, August 22-25, 2007.

35th Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the AADR & 30th Annual Meeting of the CADR, held in Orlando, Florida, March 8-11, 2006

Courses attended
  1. Look who’s Coming to Dentistry: Cultural competency education at Ohio State. (Course Instructor(s): Dr. M Rowland, Sr. C Bean, Dr. M Sudzina, Dr. S Kolhatkar, Dr. H Spallek, Dr. R Hirsch)
  2. Comprehensive Care and General Dentistry – Group Practice Comprehensive Care Models Revisited: What’s Working, What’s Not (course instructor(s): Dr. F Fendler, Dr. R Fredekind, Dr. F Licari & Dr. W Dodge)
  3. Background Checks: A New Turn in the Admissions Process (course instructor(s): Ms. W Cloet, Dr. S Pai, Dr. J Zimmerman, Dr. M Froeschle, Dr. J Gobetti, Mrs. R G Tabor, Ms. J Kennedy, Dr. K Schrubbe, Prof. J Wagner, Dr. J D’Ambrosio)
  4. Academic coaching and Its Application to One-on-One Teaching, Mentoring and Leadership (course instructor(s): Dr. J Skelton & Dr. J Johnson)
  5. Basic Survival Skills for New Faculty: Putting it Together (course instructor: Dr. P O’Neil)
  6. Case-Based Teaching: Creating Life-Long Learners
  7. Team-Based Learning in Dental education Utilizing an Audience Response System (course instructor: Dr. R Pileggi)

“14th Annual Scientific Meeting, European Association for Osseointegration, held in Munich, Germany, September 22-24, 2005

Courses attended:

  1. Implantological Anatomy: Courses for Beginners and Advanced Implantologists-Morphological Pitfalls (speaker: Prof. K Benner)
  2. Teeth at Risk: To treat or to extract (speakers:N.P. Lang, A. Mombeli, B.G. Loose, M. Quirynen, B Toauti, G Carnevale)
  3. Augmentation Procedures (speakers: C Aparicio, F Khoury, M Chiapasco, D Buser)
  4. Founding Gold Sponsor Courses
  5. Immediate Implant Placement and Immediate Loading (speakers: G.J. Debelian, G. Mailath-Pokorny, Ch. Hammerle, R. Glauser)
  6. Innovations in Surgical Techniques (speakers:E. Nkenke, S Jovanovic, R E Jung, A Freedman, H Terheyden)

”12th Beinnial Congress of the European of Endodontology” held in Dublin, Ireland, September 15-17, 2005

Courses attended:

  1. Microsurgery in Endodontics by Dr. Peter Velvart
  2. Canal Biofilm
  3. Endodontic Practice Design incl. microscopes & photography

Attended ”The Access and Diversity: Educating for Change and The 83rd General Session & Exhibition of the IADR/AADR/CADR” held in Baltimore Convention Center, Maryland, on March 9-12, 2005

Courses attended:

  1. Case-Based Teaching: A patient-Centered, Culturally Sensitive, and Interdisciplinary Approach (presenters: Dr. P Richards, Dr. M Inglehart, Prof. W Kerschbaum)
  2. Hospitals and Advanced Education Programs
  3. Enhancing clinical Practice Through Evidence Based Decision Making(presenters: Dr. J Forrest, Dr. P Overman, Prof. S Miller)
  4. Standardized Patients in Dental Curriculum (presenters: Dr. G Wesley, Dr. T Mayfield, Dr. F J Firriolo)
  5. Developing and Implementing a Comprehensive Outcome Assessment Program (presenters: Dr. T Taft)
  6. Comprehensive Care and General Dentistry: Professionalism: Screening, Measuring and Expelling (presenters: Dr. D Cunningham, Dr. T Hasegawa, Dr. M Papadakis)
  7. Comprehensive Care and General Dentistry
  8. TechnoFair and Expo-Tech Tracks: Electronic Stimulation: The Visualized Treatment Plan
  9. Enhancing Dental Education Through 3D Modeling and Animation (J R Gianquinto, F C Mecadon, K Boberick, L M Salkin, H B Gross, J V Esposito)
  10. Use of PDA Device for Chairside Patient Education in Restorative Dentistry Dentistry (H Strassler, D H Hoffacker)
  11. Chairside Computer Use in Clinical Dentistry (P L Hernandez, T Thyvalikakath, M H Torres, H Spallek, T Schleyer)
  12. Electronic Chairside Evaluation: A Variable Tool for Monitoring Clinical Competence (K R Shepherd, K Neveu, M Aksu, Ch. Laird, A Dada)

The UAE Internationa Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition, Continuing Education Programme Supported by FDI World Dental Federation held in Novotel World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE, February 26-28, 2005

"Current Concepts and Controversies in Vital Pulp Therapy" all day course. Sponsored by the American Association of Endodontists, held at Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA, USA, May 5, 2004

American Association of Endodontist Meeting , " Pathways to Success", in Anaheim , California, May 6-8, 2004.

Attended "SBARD Instructor and Periodic Workshop" sponsored by the Scientific Saudi Dental Council in the Saudi Council for Health Specialties, May 15, 2004

Saudi Dental Society Annual Meeting, Riyadh , Saudi Arabia Jan. 17-19, 2004

Saudi Dental Society Annual Meeting, Intercontinental Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jan. 6, 2003

Shajah Dental Symposium, Sharjah UAE Medical Association, Feb. 26-27, 2003.

"Advanced Implant Dentistry", lecture by Dr. Nicolas Elian, Holiday Inn Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Oct. 7-8,2003

1st Annual Conference of Medical Services of Military Forces and the 6th Meeting of Administration and Hospital Directors, MSD Headquarters , Riyadh , Saudi Arabia, Nov. 29-31, 2003,

"The Second International Endodontic Symposium", University of Southern California, School of Dentistry, Maui , Hawaii, Aug. 4-6, 2003

American Dental Education Association Meeting San Antonio ,Texas. 3 day course on "Leadership in Dental Education", March , 2003

Saudi Advanced General Dentistry Club, " Ethics of the Muslim Physician", by Dr. Abdullah Tourqe, Nov. 5, 2003,

Saudi Dental Society Annual Meeting, Twaiq Palace, Diplomatic quarter, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Feb. 5-7, 2002

"Dental Education, Accreditation and Convergence" Symposium sponsored by DentEdEvolves in association with General Dental Council UK and the Association for Dental Education in Europe, April, 2001 .

"2001 Advanced, Shaping the Future" Symposium held at University of Southern California School of Dentistry, Davidson Conference Center, Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 26-27, 2001.

"The New Concept in Operative Dentistry", Saudi Council for Health Specialties, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, April 25, 2001,

The Research Seminar presentations of the graduating dental class of 1999, King Saud University, School of Dentistry, Dr. Abdullah Al Shamari, research supervisor, May 18-19, 2001.

"The First Telemedicine Training Course, How to Build a Telemedicine Program", King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh , Saudi Arabia, Oct. 24-25, 2000

Saudi Dental Society meeting " Periodontal Diagnosis and Therapy, Surgical and Non-Surgical Management" given by Dr. Jorgon Slots, Sheraton Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jan. 27, 2000,

Saudi Dental Society Meeting " Role of the Dental Hygienist in Periodontal Therapy " given by Anna Pattison, Riyadh Sheraton Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Feb. 10,2000,

11th Saudi International Dental Meeting, King Saudi University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Feb. 28- Mar. 2, 2000

Restorative-Endodontic seminar, all-day presentation on restoration of endodontically-treated teeth, Saudi Dental Association, Restorative Club, Riyadh Sheraton, June 10.

Clinical Management of Post and Core Cases, sponsored by Saudi Prosthodontic Club, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, May 19, 1999.

Saudi Society Annual Meeting, Kozama Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Sept. 30, 1998;

The ultimate mastery course for endodontist panel with advanced residents and Dr. A. Goerig, San Francisco, California, March 7-8.

The annual American Association of Endodontics, USC Alumni Association, Seattle, Washington, April4-7.

Perio Symposium, USC School of Dentistry, January 12-13.

Endodontic Practice Management, S.C.A.E., Martin Levin, Marrch 9.

Annual Review of Biologic Endodontology, Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry, Dr. M. Torbenijad, Director, September 25-27.

Intentional Traumatic Symposium sponsored by the California Endodontic Association, La Jolla, California, by Dr. Andreasen, October 13-14.

The cracked tooth, not just a syndrome, Southern California Academy of Endodontists, Dr. Richard Walton, May 13.

Intra and extra oral anatomy of maxillary and mandibular, USC School of Dentistry, Dr. Terry Tanaka, March 8.

The neurovasculature of the maxilla and the mandible, USC School of Dentistry, Dr. Jack Lytle, March 9.

Biology of periapical healing , International Faculty, University of Connecticut, Farmington, Connecticut, October 4-6.

Management of endodontic mishaps, S.C.A.E., Dr. Ron Lemon.

The USC Curriculum / Basic Sciences Model, Faculty Conferences, San Diego, January.

Microsurgical Endodontics, S.C.A.E., Dr. Carr, San Diego, California, Ajnuary 20.

Biological Basis of Endodontic Therapy and Materials, USC School of Dentistry by Dr. Kaare Langeland, University of Connecticut, December 1-2.

The Endodontic-periodontic relationship, S.C.A.E., Dr. Gerald Harrington, December.

Endodontic Biology Symposium, Loma Linda University, School of Dentistry, September 19-21.

Challenges and controversies in endodontics, Southern California Academy of Endodontists, Dr. James Gutmann, Los Angeles, California, September 23.

Computers in Dentistry, Los Angeles Mariott Hotel, Dr. Jack Preston, September 17-18.

Periapical Microbiology and Healing, Symposium at Connecticut University, School of Dentistry, Farmington, Dr. Spangberg, Director, October 3-5.

Endodontic microbiology lecture, Dr. C. Baumgartner, USC School of Dentistry, 1990.

American Association of Endodontist Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 24-29.

Medical Emergencies, S. Malamed, S.C.A.E., March 1.

California Dental Association Annual Meeting

California Dental Association, Anaheim

California Association of Endodontics, Hyatt Regency Long Beach, September 16.

USC Periodontics Symposium.

Endodontic Specialty Profile, S.C.A.E., Dr. J. Roberts.

The Endodontist is an Endangered Species, San Gabriel Valley Dental Society, Dr. R. Burns.

Periodontal Osseous Surgery, USC School of Dentistry, all-day course, Dr. C. O’Schenbein.

Temporization update, USC School of Dentistry, Dr. D. Frederick, May 23.

Biological Basis of Endodontics, University of Connecticut, Dr. K. Langeland, Chairman of endodontics, June 2-4.

Dental Records, Tim Geraci, June 11.

Surgical Endodontics, Dr. Perez, June 16-17.

Endodontic Irrigation, S.C.A.E., Dr. R. Walton, September 18.

C.D.A. Board of Trustees Meetings, Sacramento, December 6-8.

Radiology in Endodontics, USC School of Dentistry, presented by Dr. I. Brynolf of Sweden.

Surgical Endodontics, S.C.A.E., Loma Linda University, all-day course, presented by Dr. J. Harrison.

The Role of Chlorhexidine in the Management of Gingivitis, Sponsor-Proctor and Gamble, Hotel Del Coronado, October 31, November 2.

Infection control guidelines, California Dental Association, Council on Dental Research and Development, October 28.

A.I.D.S.: Practical considerations in Patient care, presented to the Southern California Academy of Endodontics by Dr. F. Lozada-Nur, Bonaventure Hotel, September 26.

Biocompatibility of Dental Materials, California Dental Association Council on Dental Research and Development, July 15.

California Dental Association House of Delegates Meeting, Hyatt Hotel, Monterey, California, May 31, June 3.

Southern California Academy of Endodontics, Advanced Endodontics Students Research Projects (01-03-141-80028), Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles, May 9.

California Dental Association Annual Meeting, Anaheim, May 3-5.

American Association of Endodontists Annual Meeting, town and Country Hotel, San Diego, April 25-28.

Obesity control, sponsored by the Arab American Medical Association, Shadow Mountain Resort, Palm Desert, April 19-20.

Root resorption research, USC School of Dentistry, by Dr. B. Feiglin from Australia, March 18.

American College of Dentistry, Los Angeles Chapter, Issues in Dental Practice, by Dr. B. Lynch, Culver City, February 10.

Surgical Endodontics, presented by Dr. R. Luebke, Chairman of Endodontics, Louisiana State University, February 4-5.

Council on Scientific and Research Meeting, C.D.A. Headquarters, Sacramento, California, January 22.

Profile of Endodontic Specialty, Greater New York Dental Meeting, all-day course, December 4.

Advanced Endodontics Canal Preparation and Fillings, Update, USC School of Dentistry, all-day course.

Effective Office Management (02-03-141-80026), Southern California Academy of Endodontics, October 8.

Council of Scientific Affairs and Research Meeting, C.D.A., Sacramento, July 10.

California Dental Association Board of Trustees Meeting, Vacation Village, June 2-4.

Financial Aspect of Establishing Dental Practice, by Mr. W. Baker, B of A, Los Angeles, May 29.

Interview with Dr. J. Hooley, Dean of UCLA, in Reference to research activities at UCLA for the special C.D.A., April 20.

Special issue on trends and development in Dentistry, interviews with Dr. J. Green, Dean of UCSF, Dr. A. Dusoni, Dean of U.O.P., Dr. D. Blende and faculty in preparation for C.D.A., December 1984, March 20.

Interview with Dr. J. Klooster and selected faculty about research activities in Loma Linda, March 19.

Advanced Pulp Biology, lecture by Dr. M. Brannstrom, USC School of Dentistry, March 4-5.

Current concepts in office sterilization procedures, Southern California Academy of Endodontics, Dr. J. Crawford, Loma Linda University, November 10.

Research of tooth replantation, USC Advanced Endodontics, Dr. M. Sisken, Chairman of Endodontics, October 4.

The role of prostaglandins in pulpal and periapical diseases, Southern California Academy of Endodontists, Dr. M. Torbenijad, Hilton Wilshire, September 15.

The warm gutta percha technique, USC Advanced Endodontics, all-day course, Dr. C. Ruddle, July 22.

Update on Endodontics, Oregon State University, Chaiman of Endodontics, Dr. J. Marshall, April 4.

Stress in endodotnics, Dr. Robert Kransney, USC School of Dentistry, March 28.

The Use of Hydroxyapatite in Oral Surgery, USC School of Dentistry, lecture by Dr. J. Lytle, December 7.

Traumatic injuries, Southern California Academy of Endodontists, Loma Linda University, Bonaventure Hotel, by Dr. Leif Bakland, November 18.

Scientific Program of the ADA, Las Vegas, Nevada, November 5-9.

Scientific Program of the Academy of International Dental Studies, November 6.

         Occlusion:         Dr. Scortecci – France
         Pontics:            Dr. Vognon – France
         Micro Dentistry: Dr. Apothelcer – Boston
         Esthetics:         Dr. Preston – USA
         Materials:         Dr. Phillips – USA

Role of Immunology and Bacteriology in Endodontic Practice, all day course, by Dr. I. Naidroff, Assistant Dean, New York University, February 1.

Changing Role of Surgical Endodontics, Sourthern California Academy of Endodontics, Bonaventure Hotel, Dr. A. Frank, March 18.

Updated Endodontics, USC School of Dentistry, all-day course by Dr. James, April 2.

Applied Endodontic Biology and Results of Human Research of Different Endodontic Treatments, Dr. Y. Asai, USC School of Dentistry.

The Role of Dentinal Chips in Root Canal Therapy and the Oregon Method of Root Canal Preparation, USC School of Dentistry, by Dr. J. Marshall, all-day course, April 10

Surgical Endodontics, Pasadena Academy of Dentistry, Pasadena Sheraton Hilton, by Dr. S. Loupeck, March 7.

The Thematic Methods and New Revolutions in Endodontics, University of California, San Francisco, all-day course by Richard Burns.

Traumatic Injuries of Teeth, Loma Linda University, all-day course, Dr. Anderson.

Endodontic Immunology, Columbia University, Loma Linda University, by I. Naidrof, February 6.

Revolution in Endodontics, sponsored by the Alpha Omega Fraternity, by Dr. J. Ingle, January 12.

Root Canal Irritants: A Comparison, Southern California Academy of Endodontics, Los Angeles, California, by Dr. J. Tainter.

Endodontolgoy, (Course No. 1-07-75-79-008), Harbor Dental Society, Long Beach, California, by Dr. Seltzer, January 9.

Practice management in Endodontics, Southern California Academy of Endodontics, by Dr. Wayne Bernis, Los Angeles, California, November.

Orofacial Surgery, Pasadena Academy of Dentistry, by Dr. John Lytle, October 30.

American Dental Association, Dallas, Texas, October 22-25.

American Association of Endodontists Meeting, 24-credit hours, Atlanta, Georgia, April 16-29.

Exodontia and Oral Surgery Principles, Reno Dental Society, Reno, Nevada (UNR course CME-009), 7 hours, by R. Shira, April 13.

Plastic Surgery and the Face, Pasadena Academy of Dentistry, by Dr. S. Morgan, March 27.

Immunology and Endodontics, USC School of Dentistry, by Dr. M. Torbenijad, March 20, 27.

Symposium on Periodontics, (Course No. 1-14-002-78116), Southern California Academy of Endodontics, USC School of Dentistry, by Drs. J. Prichard, L. Hirschfeld, J. Lindge, S. Ramfjord, S. Schluger, S. Stahl, January 26, 27.

Tomorrow’s Endodontics Today, (Course No. 1-02-141-790001), Southern California Academy of Endodontics, Hydron Technique, January 11.

Fixed Prosthodontics, Pasadena Academy of Dentistry, Dr. P. Walker, November 28.

American Dental Association Meeting, Anaheim, California, October 23-26.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Pasadena Academy of Dentistry, Dr. J. Woods, September 26.

The Differential Diagnosis of Pain Courses, Southern California Academy of Endodontics, by Dr. J. Ingle, September 21.

American Association of Endodontists Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 13, 16.

Pain in Endodontic Therapy, Southern California Academy of Endodontics, by Dr. D. Glick, Palm Springs, California, January 4, 5.