DAY 1 ONLY : The Composite Post and Core Build-up Protocol: Best Practice for Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth

During the last three decades, the literature settled the controversies regarding the restoration of Endodontically treated teeth (ETT) .
The course does not delve into the traditional topics of Endodontically Treated Teeth resistance to fracture or which post material is best to use; Post Answers to these questions are readily available on the free access journals, and dental suppliers and prefabricated posts manufacturers. The course focuses on the composite post and core buildup techniques. They are the preferred methods for the restoration for endodontically treated teeth restoration. The course philosophy is based on the following rationales:

  • Most post placement errors, and failures occur when one dentist performs the endodontic treatment, and another dentist performs the post and core procedures.
  • The biologic requirements of the post and core restoration are more critical than the technical aspects.
  • Theoretically, post placement and core build-up procedures should be an integral part of the endodontic treatment procedures.
  • The post and core indication should be determined before endodontic treatment and be the overriding consideration during root canal preparation and operation procedures.

The composite post and core build up protocol provide strict endodontic and restorative guidelines that if meticulously followed the clinician will be able to place the final restoration of the Endodontically Treated Tooth with the most predictable, trouble-free, permanent, post and core foundation.