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PSA (Post-Seminar Assignment)

* Course Evaluation
There will be a written MCQ and/or essay examination at the end of each topic presentation scheduled one Saturday after the review is completed according to the following order of topics:

  1. Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth
  2. Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) Guided Tissues Regeneration (GTR) Barriers Membranes (BM)
  3. Alveolar Ridge Resorption and Dentoalveolar Socket Preservation Methods
  4. Dental Implant Failures and Complications
  5. Endodontic and Implant Treatment Prognosis Associated with Systemic Diseases
  6. The Endodontic Versus the Dental Implant Controversy
  7. Endodontic Canal Preparation Principles and Mechanical Methods
  8. Endodontic Bacteriology and Canal Medications
  9. Endodontic Irrigation
  10. Endodontic Fillings Materials
  11. Full Coverage Restoration Design, Material Type Pfm, Zirconium, Porcelain, Etc.,