Administrative & Service Activities


Consultant and Executive Director Prince Sultan
University in Riyadh, to establish a dental school at Prince Sultan University

Director of Dentistry Riyadh Al Kharj Military Hospitals (RKH) Duties include administration, staffing, evaluation of 140 Dentists and 120 Dental Assistants, 25 dental technicians and 25 Dental Hygienists. During past 7 years, we have renovated the Dental Dept. at RKH and expanded its facilities from 40 treatment rooms to 198 distributed over 12 dental center locations throughout the Riyadh area. Major contributions were:

  • Introduction of modern facilities
  • Standardization of Methodologies and operating procedures.
  • Introduction of Information Technology into patient care.
  • Improve utilization of Dental assistants and established Dental Assistant training programs.
  • Emphasis on Prevention in Oral and Dental Healthcare and initiated School Based Dental Clinics in Military Elementary Schools in Riyadh.
  • Establish Dental Supply Systems and Organization
  • Increased productivity of patient care (more than 120,000 patients treated annually)
  • Staff training programs initiated in collaboration with the Prince Abdulrahman Advanced Dental Studies Institute.
  • Initiate Dental Research ( Dental Diabetes Clinic)
  • for further details on achievements click on 7 years at RKH

Director of Prince Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz Advanced Dental Studies Institute, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.. The institute was built as a result of a cooperative agreement between USC and RKH in 1998 and is a 2 year AEGD program. The center houses 45 dental clinics and has graduated 77 and currently has 24 enrolled post-graduate Dentists for M.O.D. A. (Ministry of Defense and Aviation) dentists. Additionally, the Institute is training the Saudi Advanced Restorative Board residents (SBARD). The AEGD program consists of advanced practical training in the most current methods of dental treatment in endodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, pedodontics, preventive dentistry and restorative dentistry. Throughout the two years, guest speakers from USC participate in teaching current dental methods being taught at USC. The long-range objectives were to train all RKH and other M.O.D. dental staff which will be accomplished this coming year. The program goals and philosophies are:Improve and develop diagnostic, clinical treatment and patient management skills in advanced general dentistry.

Advanced training in clinical endodontics, perio-dontics and restorative dentistry as a foundation for advanced speciality for those who desire to specialize in these areas.

Develop clinical knowledge of the diagnostic aspect of medico-dental relationships.

Develop leadership skills to operate, manage, and supervise a dental healthcare facility.

Develop skills to supervise and utilize paradental and auxiliary staff such as DSA, DH, and dental lab technicians.

Develop skills to teach basic dentistry.

Chairman, Endodontics Department, USC School of Dentistry, Los Angeles, California. The undergraduate endodontics program has been recognized for its depth, balance, and clinical strength. It is based on producing the most competent general dentist who can perform endodontics on 80% of the patients he / she encounters. Early exposure to preventive endodontics, and early development of working with the endodontic graduates are some of the hallmarks of USC undergraduate endodontics. During my Chairmanship of the Dept. of Endontics, I have successfully passed 4 different Accreditation processes by the American Dental Association Council on Dental Education and Accreditation.
Director, Advanced Endodontics, USC School of Dentistry, Los Angeles, California. The Advanced Endodontics Program is one of the leading clinical programs in the U.S. We have expanded the program from the three residents every year to nine residents in 1986. To date, we have trained more than 146 endodontists. The program is recognized for its clinical strength especially in the area of surgical endodontics and the curricular balance between clinics, research, and theory. Many of the graduates are in academic leadership positions while others are very successful clinicians all over California and the U.S., and abroad in Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Syria, Iran, Jordan, Columbia, England and Spain.
Chairman, Council on Research and Scientific Affairs, California Dental Association, Sacramento, California. As chairman of the California Dental Association on Research and Development, we were involved in matters of infection control guidelines, dental materials, toxicity, and incorporation of research findings in the dental practice. The council was composed of representatives from the five dental schools in California.
Director, Performance Criteria Project (Developing Performance and Criteria in Clinical Disciplines), USC School of Dentistry, Los Angeles, California. Research grant planned to develop clinical procedure guidelines or criteria for the dental student to learn and for the teacher to teach and evaluate. Clinical performance criteria were developed in all areas of clinical dentistry including evaluation forms based on the critical error concept developed by Dr. Abou-Rass (1972) and reported in his doctorate in education dissertation
Director of Oral Biology Program, Advanced Dental Education, USC School of Dentistry, Los Angles, California. A creative approach to teach Oral Biology and Basic Sciences to the Advanced Specialty students. Interdisciplinary units of instruction were developed in which the Basic Science and literature research findings were incorporated with clinical methodology. This approach achieved interaction between the specialties, for example, a unit on the dental pulp and periodontium was designed to include materials from the literature of interest to the endodontists, prosthodontists, periodontists, orthodontists, etc. Some of the instructional units included were: The Dental Pulp, Periodontium, Dental Occlusion, Dental Pain, Bone, Connective Tissue, Inflammation, etc.
Associate Chairman, Graduate Endodontics, University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mentor and Teacher, Dr. Andrew Michanowicz, Chairman of Endodontics (1960-1995).
Director, Undergraduate Endodontic Division, Department of Restorative Dentistry, University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.